Hold down clamps for X-Carve CNC

Hold down clamps for X-Carve CNC machine

This set of hold down clamps can may be made on the X-Carve CNC machine out of MDF .

Free plans for easel  are available on the Inventables website. https://www.inventables.com/projects/work-piece-hold-down-clamps

To get started secure a piece of 300mm x 300mm MDF to the X-Carve using double sided tape or any other preferred method.

Follow this link which will give you the free plans to carve the design out on your X-Carve CNC machine, You just need to open the plan with the link to Easel.com press carve and the X carve will do all the work for you.

The wedges used in this design can apply a lot of pressure to the work piece ensuring it does not move while the CNC machine carves it out..

There are several main pieces with slots cut that match the width and spacing of the mounting holes on the X-Carve.

Use 5mm machine screws and washers to secure them to the waste board.

The thinnest part goes at the front and is aligned with the graphic on the waste board this can be left permanently in place for quick setup of the workpiece.

The 2 medium thickness pieces go on the left and right of the wast board, the left ones can be permanently left in place and aligned with the marked line on the waste board.

The widest part goes at the back of the workpiece.

The 3 smaller parts are for odd shaped parts and spares.

You can adjust the right and back parts to apply pressure to your work piece before tightening down.

For added pressure leave about a 3mm gap on the left and right hold downs and then push the wedges in the gaps and give them a slight tap with a small hammer to hold the work piece firmly.

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