Wooden Pens for Sale

Wood Pen Bolt Action

Did you know i also sell one of a kind Wooden Pens made from Australian wood species. You can view the Pens and other items i have For Sale Here and buy through my Etsy Store. The Pens make great gifts for Family and Friends as well as your valuable clients, i also do bulk orders for corporate customers. The Wooden Pens are highly polished with a beeswax blend so it’s smooth to hold and…

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Exciting news INVENTABLES X-CARVE CNC is on its way for review and other news.

Inventables x carve coming soon

Some exciting news I have been speaking with INVENTABLES and they are sending me their new X-CARVE CNC machine for review that replaces the Shapeoko 2 UPDATE: You can now see the review of the X-Carve 3D Carver Click Here Welcome to quick cuts this is a new on my woodworking channel where I share news for my woodworking channel and quick tips to make your life easier in the workshop. Today we are talking…

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Triton Router review TRA001 and $10 Router table follow up

Triton Router Review TRA001

Triton Router review and router table for $10 follow up, explore feature of the TRA001 and JOF001 Triton woodworking routers and see what’s best for you. In this project video follow up we will go through the triton router features and demonstrate why they are particularly good for a router table with the adjustable depth handle and micro adjuster. They are easy to mount to a board and with the depth adjust that comes through…

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NPK fertiliser labels and what they mean

NPK fertiliser labels and nutrient deficiencies

NPK fertiliser labels and what they mean and how to diagnose nutrient deficiencies in plants. Did you know Warren also presents YouTube videos on Steve Ramsey’s Home and Garden for Mere Mortals Channel as well, check out the latest video on NPK fertilisers label meaning and what those letters stand for as well as some basic information on nutrients and how to diagnose nutrient deficiencies in plants. When buying fertiliser from the garden centre it often…

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Resawing on a table saw with a Microjig Grr-Ripper Woodworking safety tip

Resawing on a table saw with a Microjig Grr-Ripper

Resawing on a table saw with a Microjig Grr-Ripper, Woodworking safety tip Learn how to quickly Resaw wood using your table saw and a GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock by MICROJIG, this handy woodworking technique can be used on small pieces of wood as well as larger ones. Below is a transcript of the woodworking video. Hey guys just a super quick video I’ve got this beautiful little piece of Mulga wood that I want to split…

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How to transfer ink to wood

How to print on wood with an inkjet printer I knocked this up last weekend, its for dispensing price lists, i used Steve from woodworking for mere mortals technique to transfer print to the wood and it came up a treat. I have found spray Shellac works best to seal in the ink from the print, then a couple of coats of minwax wipe on Poly to finish it. Follow link for transfer technique from…

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