Woodworking Projects How to Make a Moxon Vise on the Cheap

Woodworking Projects How to Make a Moxon Vise on the Cheap

How to Make a Moxon Vise on the Cheap, in this Woodworking project video we are going to learn how to build a Moxson Vise, this project would also be easy for a beginner in woodworking to make.

We will go through the steps to build the Moxson Vise and as well as learn some woodworking techniques like using a chisel.

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Below is a transcript of the woodworking video

0:00 Todays Woodworking project is this cheap and easy Moxon bench vise that you can knock out in no time at all.

Todays woodworking project is this moxon style bench vise this is a great little vise pretty cheap to make it cost me $27 – $28 for all the parts not including the wood for the wood I just used some hardwood I had lying around some Australian Brush box but you could use anything just get some plywood laminate it together it will cost you nothing even just some 2″ x 6″ boards would be fine as well there a couple of little cheap options its better than selling your kidney for those standard moxon vice bench vise kits that you get around the place nice little simple handles that you can turn on pretty fast its quiet sturdy when something is in there its staying in there so I’m quiet happy with this little project.

All you need for this project is some wood some washers some bolts some nuts and some threaded rod.

The piece of wood I have picked it does have a cup in it so what I’m going to do is use my hand plane just to get it out.

I’m just going to use a Grr-ripper and a Grr-rip block if you haven’t seen a grip block these are another product from Microjig they have these little drop down feet so when you push it down they drop on and catch the wood and push it through make life nice and easy for you and nice and safe so you get to keep your fingers.

For the bolts I am using 3/4″ threaded rod so I’ve drilled the hole there but I haven’t gone all the way through what I’m going to do is just use the point of the forstner bit and just to finish all the way through and then I’m going to come at it from the other side with a bigger forstner bit which is going to mount the bolt that will bind these 2 together

Now I’ve drilled out the holes so what were going to do just get our threaded rod with the bolt on the end and drop it through and you can see it just sits a little bit larger than the hole so all we will do is trace around it.

Using a really sharp chisel I’m just going to go around and widen this hole.

I’m just going to use my trusty little Veritas low angle block plane and I’m just going to take the corners off all the inside bits on the vise just like in case there is a little bit of racking or something like that when I clamp the vise I’m not going to get dents in my wood.

For the handles what I’ve done is got the treaded rod and a friend to weld the nut on to the end of it so we can use that the same as we did in the back of the vise so I will just chisel it out and this will become the handle.

So I cut these out with the saw and then just did a bit of shaping on the disk sander so up with a just a nice simple shape that I like I’ve just drilled a 3/4″ hole here for a piece of dowel which will suit as our handle.

Okay now all we got to do is epoxy the threaded rod into that so what I normally do is get some kitchen grease proof paper this is also handy if you want to wrap it around the bars on your clamps and things like that when your gluing up to stop mess its good you know does not stick to anything so glue come off easy its cheap to get rid of so all you do is you just you have a A and B part you mic these 2 together in equal parts I’ve gone for the 5 minute quick epoxy as well quick stir

Okay now I’m just going to apply a little bit of finish I wasn’t going to go to crazy with it what I was going to use was some of this woodsheen which is just a mixture of I think its beeswax and Tung oil just gives nice sort of lustre and I think it will look good on the front of the vise obviously you don’t put anything on the inside of the vise because you don’t want that transfer to your wood WOW that looks pretty good.

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  1. Could you give the bolt sizes and rod length to use pls…and also the bit sizes I’ll need to buy…thanks

    • Hi Ken
      I think i used a 19mm rod and bolt and they were about 300mm-400mm long each. Its not critical for rod thickness anything around that will be fine.

  2. Thanks for this. I want to use Acme threaded bolts but I haven’t found a cheap source for these. Any suggestions? I’m in Brisbane.

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