Woodworking projects for kids phone stand

Woodworking projects for Kids, make a wooden phone or table stand with this easy Woodworking video aimed and kids and beginners, learn some simple woodworking techniques.

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Video Transcript

0:00 Welcome to woodworking for kids Hi I’m Warren and welcome to woodworking for kids were gonna do a little segment take 2

Today we are going to make a multifunction phone and tablet stand and a drink coaster. Woodworking is a great way to spend time with your kids or your grandkids and teach them about lots of things a lot of woodworking things are about problem solving its about getting that mindset in their head as well how to do things so were going to go through this one just a little simple project this week but were going to do some more involved projects with them very shortly I’ve also got lots of little jigs and little bits an pieces that help make things safer for them and make it easier for them to saw or nail and bits and pieces like that so lets get stuck into it.

One of the first world problems we all seem to face is watching YouTube videos on our phones and tablets leaning them up against something we all lean them up against something and they never stand the fall over so what were going to do is a make a couple of little stands out of these 2 pieces of wood these are about 100mm or 4 inches square maybe a bit more this is Mulga wood which is a beautiful wood so once we put a finish on these they will be very pretty they will be they will be very pretty that’s right and cool so what we are going to do is we are going to teach the kids how to use a saw how to use a chisel and hammer so what I have done is I have cut 2 notches in a piece of wood what this will act as a little guide for the saw they can just drop the saw into there and saw away and hopefully wont bounce it out of there and cut their fingers so all I need to do check which way the grain is running line that up make sure its nice and square.

So we have got our wedge and our little piece of wood and we have stuck it in our Moxon Vise we built the other week so the kids can just drop this saw straight on there and start sawing and be relatively safe you want to go first okay stand here keep the blade straight up and down and go back an forth stand back a bit that’s it stand back a bit that’s it

We just cut we have got our 2 little cuts down here and then all we need to do just chisel this little notch out and then sand it and were done I’m just going to put a couple of little score marks here so it does not split the wood on the other side and daddy can I use the kids one you can use the kids one that’s your great grandfathers here you go bang it with that give it a good whack hey that’s it got it good job high 5 that’s it that’s all done okay the last bit were just going to take off all these sharp edges so we will just put it in the vise do I use a saw you don’t use the saw you use the hand plane so what do I so let me show you okay let me show you how to do it this bit here is razor sharp underneath here so we never touch this bit we hold it with our hands like this like your racecar like a racing car and run it across that’s it there you go this side

Okay I’m going to sand the piece of wood that’s should be enough now I’m going to turn it over and do the other side now I can use this as a drink coaster and a device holder and now you can watch your favorite woodworking channels on YouTube who’s your favorite woodworker Steve Ramsay mine is you oh thank you I got one Hey Steve so this is a nice little project we took no time at all to knock this out it was a nice little introduction to the workshop for the kids so we have got some more involved projects coming up for them I’m just going to put a little bit of Danish oil on it and this should look pretty nice I just don’t want the smell for them and you should leave a like and comment and Subscribe you should subscribe that’s it go on subscribe go on go on subscribe and you can also click here for a link to some of our other YouTube videos I hoped you like this quick little project and make a bunch of them.

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