X Carve CNC 3D REVIEW 3D Carver from Inventables

X Carve CNC Review 3D Carver from Inventables, See how to build an X-Carve

Inventables X Carve review and build, This video gives you an overview of building your own X Carve CNC machine.

I was excited when I spoke to Inventables and was offered their new desktop CNC machine called the X-Carve for review, as CNC was something I had wanted to get into for a long time.

This video will give you a brief overview on how to build one of these CNC machines as well as giving my opinion on the build and the X-Carve CNC, I also discuss Inventables software that runs the CNC called Easel which is free to use.

Inventables also have a great community forum on their website that is worth checking out if you are thinking about buying an XCarve CNC or even just curious on how they work.

Inventables have given me the X Carve at no cost and only asked me to review the CNC build and give my honest opinion.

For more information go to the Inventables website https://www.inventables.com/technologies/x-carve/

To try out Easel which is the free online software that powers the X-Carve CNC machine and the Shapeoko 2 go to www.easel.com


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  2. WOW! I just saw this machine in a craft group so I came exploring! Your video is awesome. I’m thinking of buying one: a few questions though (only because I’m rushing as the twins are too quiet, so they are up to something I’m sure!).
    Can you operate this inside? (I’m turning my theatre into a craft space)
    How easy would it be for me to assemble (I’m not super build savvy when it comes to things like this)
    Worth buying the bigger x-carve? (I’ve figured that since shipping is crazy the U.S. I may as well go big)

    • Hi Teresa, it may be a little noisy for in the house but I have seen people build little cabinets for them which dampen a lot of the sound. You would just need to add some dust extraction to help keep the place clean. I think they also sell different spindles some are very quite apparently. Cheers Warren

  3. Hi, Would one be able to carve pearl shell by changing the type of drills used?

  4. Just curious … how much upkeep is on one of these…. and also how well do they offer tech support and what is the length of warranty….

    • Hi Phil, not much usually just the belts need to be tightened now and then, tech support is excellent they also have a really good community at http://www.inventables.com who also help out with lots of tips and tricks. Check their website for warranty. Cheers Warren

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