Triton Router review TRA001 and $10 Router table follow up

Triton Router review and router table for $10 follow up, explore feature of the TRA001 and JOF001 Triton woodworking routers and see what’s best for you.

In this project video follow up we will go through the triton router features and demonstrate why they are particularly good for a router table with the adjustable depth handle and micro adjuster.

They are easy to mount to a board and with the depth adjust that comes through the base of the router you have an instant router table.

 The Triton TRA001 has 3.5 horse power so it has plenty of power for even large router bit, another feature is you can remove the spring in the TRA001 Triton router so it wont compress with time if left in the router table.

 The JOF001 is a great little router as well with 1.5 horse power its easy to manage and also include the bottom adjuster so can also be used in a router table.

A feature I love about these routers in you can change the bit with one wrench and depending on the router table thickness you can change it above the level of the table as the collet protrudes, so you don’t have to reach underneath the table.

The power switch also has some nice safety features with a slide back cover that lock when the router collet is locked.

We also demonstrate the Musclechuck quick change router collet which can change a router bit in seconds.

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